Art on the Net: the Franklin Furnace Collaboration This project is an undertaken in association with the NetArt initiative, of which Parsons is a founding member ( This studio focuses on the current state of Internet based art. What is art on the net? How is it different from traditional medium? By presenting their work and potential projects (specific to the residency) to the class, visiting artists will begin an intense period of studio collaboration with the students. The class will help to facilitate the artists' projects both conceptually and technically, providing students with hands-on experience of artistic creation utilizing technologies central to the residency's goal.

Each artist visit will culminate with an online "event", hosted and produced by the artist/class collaboration under the aegis of Netart Initiative. Students should take this course if they have interests in fine art experimentation on the net, interaction with the broader NYC new media arts community, or literally any other aspect of the contemporary art world. The group of artists participating in year 2002 residency program work primarily with robotic performance/speech recognition technologies, long-distance network installation and real time image manipulation/feedback systems.

This collaboration studio partner's with Franklin Furnace's annual artist residency program, and is sponsored by the Digital Design Department of Parsons School of Design. A detailed description of the residency can be obtained from


students: Bae Jang Eun, Choi Sang Hee, Hsieh Wan-Chen, Kondo Asako, Huang Amy W, Lin Chien-Hung, Lonon Andrew, Pootrakul Reza, Chuang Cih-Wen, Sears Ryan, Silverberg Michael, White David, Warren Jonah, Chang Tien-Chieh, Tseng Brian, Su Chih-Sheng


Zhang Ga, Professor of New Media, Design and Technology Department, Parsons School of Design