l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t: A forum between the arts and the neurosciences


In co-operation with the European Institute for the Media


Art, Science, Media


Jo Groebel



At present we face three fundamental developments:



In this context the marriage of methods of exact science and new creative forms of expression based on the arts plays a major role. One can describe art verbally but its real strength lies in perception processes which are based on visual and other approaches. In addition, art and the evaluation of art are embedded in highly differentiated social judgement processes. Group pressure, opinion leadership are important for the recipients as well as the intuition re-future social reality for the artist.


Gabriele Leidloff’s approach forms a bridge where she combines the different kinds of art and art reception with scientific content and methods. This combination is at the core of experiencing and understanding the digital world. There may not be answers but this bridge can offer the opportunity for a new voyage for arts and sciences. New forms of communication and of the media have always offered such opportunities. Thus, there are three guilds: The arts, the sciences and the media.

The European Institute for the Media will accompany the respective events and processes during the production l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t as partner.