l o g - i n / l o c k e d o u t - a forum of art and neuroscience - is the artistic platform created by the Berlin based media artist Gabriele Leidloff. Applying methods of natural science, Leidloff achieves to visualize phenomena of human perception.

Art and science appear as complimentary attempts to discover the conditions of the world, which could not be more different.
The former provide information about their most subjective experience of the world, while the latter claim that they paint an objective picture of the world.

How our consciousness functions is analyzed by brain researchers and neuroscientists primarily through matters of perception.
Using and manipulating imaging techniques like X-ray photography, Leidloff applies the tools of natural sciences to visualize the invisible. 
The principle setup of Leidloff's installations relates to natural sciences experiments by showing a new aesthetic dimension of human perception.
Leidloff's experimental constellations integrate neuroscientific devices, apparatuses of medical technique and visual technologies such as eyetracking, cameras, one-way mirror booths and communication devices based on the self-control of our brain activity.
The project l o g - i n / l o c k e d o u t is since 1999 a standing invitation to artists and scientists to join in a discussion about and the search for the unimaginable. Leidloff bundles results of international research and by integrating them in her artistic platform she questions methods of natural science with artistic means. Her interdisciplinary approach creates international networks and transforms into an artistic contribution against the fragmentation of the global scientific research. At the same time Leidloff questions the usual forms of the arts as well.
This interdisciplinary cooperation of art and science is unique and has never been conceived and presented before.
Reinhard  Maiworm
Direktor Goethe-Institut Berlin