Gabriele Leidloff, whom I met in New York several years ago, strikes one because of  her  unusual field of artistic activity at the crossroads of Neuroscience and Art which she has been intensely involved in the past years. The rational and emotional aspects of human perception when confronted with art or other aesthetic experiences and its subjective nature has attracted the attention of philosophers and scientists since antiquity.


Since a human being needs art and cultural experience like a plant needs sunshine and water it is gratifying that enthusiasts like Ms. Leidloff focus on the interaction between art and the cognitive process.

Her ongoing project ( merits wide attention and support.



Nicolas V. Iljine 

European Representative 

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation 







Gabriele Leidloff, “Ugly Casting“, 1997






                                       Gabriele Leidloff, “Ugly Casting 1.3.“, 1997