Hermes da Fonseca, L., in: G. Leidloff: "l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t", in: O. Breidbach, K. Clausberg und K.P. Dencker (Hg.): Video, ergo sum, Hamburg 1999


An Absence of Interference

The manifestation of an interference: the eclipsing, overlapping, influencing and inhibiting of "something" by a similar entity; a virus, a gene or through language too, according to the dictionary. Being inarticulate has been described as being a type of manifestation of interfering. To interfere at this point I could say encouragingly: Gabriele Leidloff's images and picture sequences deal with this manifestation - through similar entities - with being inarticulate and dealing with an absence of interference. Virtually a hem on the emperor's new clothes: always too late to stitch up what's torn, more concerned with baring the materialities through omission. That wouldn't be a disillusion of the illusion, and thereby a move in the direction of incisive vision, it's more of interference from within and without, the interference of the temporalities appear on the baseless surfaces of appearances as neglecting questions. Questions as to the picture, the appearance and the time; the time of interfering as the time of a glance seen. The project  l o g - i n / l o c k e d o u t  appears in this way to interfere with these questions - the inclusion of the lock-in and the emergence toward the manifesting on communication.

Liselotte Hermes da Fonseca