l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t - a forum of art, neuroscience and communication.


Imagine a person who is shown nothing yet believes to have seen everything - what will she see?


In a series of international installations that are part of a production initiated by Gabriele Leidloff in 1997, the forum
l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t raises questions concerned with the construction of mental images. They engage experts from various areas of the neurosciences, image theoreticians, artists and entrepreneurs in an exchange of views and ideas.

Gabriele Leidloff's installations combine medical apparatus for producing and processing images and advanced visual technologies used by electronic media.
l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t explores the relationship between art and medical technology - the image on the retina, in memory, in language and on material carriers. Science is presented as a model open to alternative approaches to special fields of research. The events document and connect snapshots of dialogues of participants, they also organize exhibitions, lectures, video conferences and debates.
A new form of the mis-en-scene is designed to counter the ongoing fragmentation of scientific research and also to question common practices of the visual arts.

The forum l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t produces artistic installations related to cultural and scientific events in collaboration with international partners and in different countries. Its conception is flexible and can be adapted to local conditions and interests. Individual elements of the installations such as films, videos or photographs can be viewed and purchased separately.
l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t runs over several years and will conclude with a bi-lingual catalogue.

The term locked-in originates in medical terminology. It designates a rare clinical syndrome when a human being is conscious but unable to communicate. While neuroscientists investigate ways in which consciousness works through perception,
l o g - i n / l o c k e d  o u t reflects on severed communication through artistic means.